How to C2C Crochet Pattern

C2C Crochet Pattern – There is a huge trend in techniques for crochet shorts: C2C crochet pattern. The technique might be used to make just about any square or square (with adaptations) rectangular crochet jobs.

C2c Crochet Pattern

Corner to corner crochet (c2c) is a method which works because it sounds – you crochet little “tiles” in a diagonal, raising each row by just 1 tile before your job is tall and wide enough, at exactly what point you get started diminishing each row.

Corner to corner crochet could be used to produce striped afghans. But you are also able to design a chart of whatever you would enjoy and then essentially paint amount with yarn to flip to your c2c graphgan. (Graphgan = afghan that is produced from a graph)


Any corner to corner crochet task will always begin with growth rows. You will rise by one tile each diagonal row until your desired dimensions are achieved, you will begin decreasing. It is important to remember that in case you’re developing a rectangle, and then you might be raised on one side of the row and diminishing on the other hand to keep up the entire variety of tiles every row exactly the same.

Following Is a step-by-step tutorial about the c2c increase:c2c crochet pattern increaseROW 1:

Step 1: Chain 6

Measure 2: Double crochet into the fourth series from the hook

Measure 3: Double crochet in a different two chain

ROW Two:

Step 4: String 6

Measure 5: 5 Dual crochet at the fourth chain from the hook and after two chains

Measure 6: Slip stitch from the ch-3 turning series in the final row

Measure 7: Chain 3

Measure 8: Double crochet into ch-3 turning string

ROW 3 and past: Repeat steps 4-8


I find that the “decrease” term was somewhat perplexing because when that stitch is worked that the row does not look as though it is falling. On the contrary, it seems like a flat edge. In actuality, the decrease stitch is removing one tile from every row you’re crocheting.

You’ll work the corner to corner decrease stitch the instant you have attained the widest/tallest point in your chart.

Here Is a step-by-step tutorial about the c2c reduction plateau:c2c crochet pattern decreaseMeasure 1: Rather than chaining three because you normally would slip stitch in each double crochet

Measure Two: Slip stitch into ch-3 turning string

Measure 3: String 3

Step 4: Dual crochet into ch-3 turning string of the former row.

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