Best Felt Material for Crochet Pattern

Felt Material –  I’m completely and totally hooked. Adhering to a friend posted Greendot’s movie of her stunning silent book, I’ve spent every children-asleep moment browsing Pinterest for silent book page ideas. It was not clear for me everyone opted to utilize felt. Felts are inexpensive, delicate things that split and fall apart after a day or two right?

Felt Material

That might have been the situation using the felts I played as a child but what people were using will be high quality mix felts, made of wool or recycled materials. After some experimentation, I have arrived at the conclusion that yes, I always felt IS the best stuff for silent books, palms down. Here are some reasonswhy:

Felts are quite cheap and easily available. This is especially so in the event you live in the USA, where the perfect wool combination felts are manufactured. I bought a great deal of National Nonwovens felts around the net and the quality is simply remarkable. They’re also helpfully offered in pieces of 9″ x 12″ therefore that I simply need to cut them to get the great silent book page measurements.

It is a bit more difficult to receive your hands on wool believed in Singapore (where I live). Shipping from the USA could be expensive, but also the craft store Art Buddy sells a rather amazing choice called Eco Felt, created of recycled “post-consumer plastic bottles”. Every one is environmentally friendly and most importantly, super inexpensive (approx. 0.75 cents per 9″ x 12″ sheet).

Werktat - Felt Material

They are nowhere near as compact nor as fairly as wool believed but are still totally great enough to use as backgrounds or even non-portable pieces. And for people that are looking quiet books to the first time and do not want to spend an excessive amount of time or cash, oil felt material is a totally excellent alternative.

They are super inexpensive, come in a gigantic variety of colors and can be found pretty much everywhere. I bought a lot from our neighborhoods store Daiso that was $ 2. Your final work will not last long, it is right, especially if you’re handing it on to your toddler. But again if you mess up, throwing the entire thing outdoors will not feel so debilitating.

Spanish - Felt Material

The exact charming home of sense for me is they do not fray! No requirement to hem edges fold them before stitching or let seam allowance. That’s so suitable for creating small critters along with other bits to play on the page. It generates designing simpler too by eliminating construction. Felt material is also quite pliable. As they elongate, even in the event you’ve stitched somewhat slightly wonky, it will not be quite clear.

It’s far simpler to spray mount your sensed pieces before hammering them on the background however for small to medium pieces I have been able to eliminate skipping that place. Finally, believed makes the perfect background because it is relatively stiff with no brittle. Should you sew side, you’re going to be utilizing two sheets anyway and I feel that’s the perfect thickness. Any thinner the webpage will probably be floppy and a few thicker will most likely be difficult to sew under the gadget.

Lana Cotta - Felt Material

I was losing the will to live by correspondence G when trimming tiny alphabets into the kid A to Z page. Luckily, readymade letters, characters, and vases for example leaves, butterflies, hearts, and flowers etc Can be found from craft stores and net and they are usually inexpensive

Do yourself a favor, place down those scissors and half completed G, only buy the 26 letters and save a heap of trouble. I wager the ideal reason for individuals who may not or plain despise sewing is the no sews alternative! Again, since felts do not fray, you can eliminate not sewing anything at all and stick the felt onto the backdrop together with adhesive.

You should, however, use a great paste (I use E6000 that’s the best glue in the world), the publication will disintegrate – nevertheless I have had really good experiences so far, none of my own sew felt animals have fallen apart yet.

Insulation - Felt Material

Furthermore, because sensed bits are fuzzy and clearly stick together, there’s absolutely not any dire need to sew velcro snaps or buttons unless the design needs it. That actually is THE best reason to use felt to your dress-up ring pages. I have observed a couple silent books generated from fabric that look terribly adorable. But, there is only something super cute with all of the blue, fuzzy, eclectic appearance felt substance has that additional substances can not conquer.

It is also this thick fuzziness that makes sensed a ideal material to use as the desktop for the reason it retains the pages amazingly flat. Don’t make the mistake which I created and use stiffened felt into the pay pages presuming they’d look better. They don’t. Every crease and fold shows just like a beacon whereas the soft thought manages to level out by absolute fuzziness.

Blender - Felt Material

It will appear good though to pay a couple of pages with fabric like variety. Especially if the inverse page is slightly plain or contains a more neutral colour. I used a very pretty floral fabric for a background for my own washing machine but it took more effort and that I had to use sensed as a funding no matter. There are of course issues with using felt substance also.

Mostly, it is tricky to locate patterned felt. Strong colours and maybe a couple of polka dots would be the snazziest you are able to get. Second, felts will divide under ungallant hands on. In the event you’ve got a toddler who would rather explore your job by dragging them your items WILL break. A very simple way to prevent this is to steer clear of really fine details on your own design.

Thirdly, unlike a fabric book, you cannot wash the entire item by pushing it to the washing machine when dirt/food/ infant detritus gets onto it. In general, for me anyway I believe the pros out weight the advantages. Very happy to hear from anybody who has more success using fabric though! Drop me a comment if I’ve missed out anything!

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